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ASSSA Client Area Portal

How do I register for the ASSSA Client Area Portal?

If you have not registered for the ASSSA Client Area Portal then you can do so by following these step-by-step instructions to register.

How do I log-in to the ASSSA Client Area Portal?

ASSSA Client Area Portal

If you have already registered for access then you can go directly to the login page here.

My Policies

The first option in the menu is called My Policies. Here you will be able to access your health and or dental policies.

Update Personal Details

In this section, you can inform ASSSA Insurance of a new address, or new correspondence address. You also have the option to update your mobile and/or landline number. It is here too that you can advise any change in your email address.

ASSSA Client Area portal

Update Bank Details

ASSSA Client Area Portal bank details

This section is really important. If you came to Spain using this Spanish health policy for a Non-Lucrative visa, Digital Nomad Visa or Golden Visa for example, then you may not have provided bank details at the outset. It could be you did not have a Spanish account and sent the first-year premium by International Bank Transfer.

To avoid issues of continuity of the health insurance and the implications of non-payment may have on your visa or residency renewal we strongly advise you to add your Spanish bank details to your policy as soon as you have set up your Spanish bank account.

Select the policy from the drop down box, Type the bank account number and check the two boxes before clicking “request”.

Duplicate Card

If you have lost your ASSSA Health Insurance medical card or it has been stolen you can order a duplicate using the ASSSA Client Area Portal.

Simply select the beneficiary who needs a duplicate card and enter a short explanation as to the reason. Make sure your address is correct first and then check the privacy policy and press “Request”.

ASSSA Client Area Portal

Obtain authorisation for a treatment or service

ASSSA Client Area Portal authorisation

If you have visited an ASSSA Health Insurance-approved doctor or Specialist they may suggest further tests, for example.

Sometimes those tests or treatments require authorisation from ASSSA before you can have them.

This is where you can request approval. Fill in the short Authorisation request form online and upload the doctor’s report (Informe medico) and the request slip (volante). Check the small box relating to the privacy policy and click the mouse on “Request”.

Authorisations usually take around 48 hours to be responded to.