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Repatriation Insurance in Spain


What is Spanish Repatriation Insurance?

Repatriation insurance in Spain is usually part of an insurance policy known in Spain as “decesos” or a Funeral Plan in English. They are very popular in Spain. The idea is that the policyholder pays a small monthly sum and if they pass away the family makes a phone call and someone helps with all the paperwork and organisation of the deceased’s funeral.

Most companies add a repatriation element to their policies automatically or as an optional extra. This traditionally meant that someone whose home was Spain would be transferred back to Spain and buried or cremated there if they died overseas.

With a large foreign population companies also offer repatriation cover to the policyholder’s home country. So if you were a Canadian citizen, for example, and living in Spain you could have the option of having your remains transferred back to Canada, if that is what you wanted.

The biggest use of these policies we are seeing now is to satisfy the Spanish authorities when applying for a non-lucrative visa, Digital Nomad Visa or Golden Visa.

Repatriation insurance for a non-lucrative visa, Golden Visa, or Digital Nomad Visa

If you are applying for one of these visas in Spain, you will hear a lot about what your Spanish health insurance policy must contain. One of the elements is the repatriation cover. Some companies have quickly come around and offered a product that is the complete package so your health insurance will meet ALL the visa criteria. Others have health insurance products that meet most of the criteria but may not have the repatriation element.

You don’t have to have a health insurance policy that includes all the elements, although that can make housekeeping easier. If you have heard good things about a particular company but they do not have repatriation cover included in their otherwise criteria-meeting policy, then don’t worry. You can buy a repatriation product separately.

These separate repatriation products do not just arrange to have your remains sent back to your country of origin there is often more to it than that. They include assistance to the family to guide them through the process, some basic legal questions about inheritance, psychological help, and end-of-life management, for example, cancelling email and shutting down social media accounts. However, if you are using it for a Spanish visa then the repatriation of your remains is the element of most interest to people.

There are also optional extras with these policies such as daily indemnities for hospitalisation for any reason and death and disability compensation.

An individual from almost any country in the world can take out a repatriation policy and this will ensure the transportation of their remains to the country they came from.

How much does Repatriation insurance Cost?

The cost is based on age so the older you are then the more expensive the annual premium. For people in their twenties, it can be less than fifty euros a year, whilst someone of 60 years of age may pay 240 euros for a year (2023 pricing). Each family member will need the repatriation cover under a Spanish visa. Remember some health insurance policies already have repatriation coverage included.

One final note, the health policies should all include repatriation coverage if they are for a Spanish visa and while most Spanish Consulates will insist on this, there are some that don’t seem to worry about it.