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Spanish Golden Visa health insurance

We have been helping clients with their general insurance needs for over 35 years. After the UK left the European Union there was an immediate demand for a broker with suitable knowledge on obtaining Spanish Golden Visa Health Insurance. We have rapidly become one of the go-to businesses for health insurance in Spain for non-lucrative and golden visa applications.

Please note: the information below is provided as a guide only. Different Spanish authorities will interpret what is necessary from a health policy.


Spanish Golden Visa health insurance

Speak to a specialist insurance broker if you are looking for suitable health insurance for a Spanish Golden Visa.

Taking out the wrong policy is not only time-consuming but potentially very costly.

How do I apply for Spanish Golden visa health insurance?

We require certain information from you to start our search for suitable health insurance for your Spanish Golden Visa application. Once we have this information we discuss your options and prepare quotations for you. When we send you the quotations it is very likely you will have further questions to ask. Our experienced team are here to listen and help you. When you decide on the product that suits your needs the best you will need to complete an application form and health questionnaire. There is no need to undergo a medical.

It is helpful to know if you have any pre-existing conditions that may cause an insurance company some concerns, as early as possible. This will avoid time discussing products that we know you won’t be accepted for or where a delay in getting a decision puts your application at risk. There will be some occasions when we do not have a provider that will insure a particular risk but this does not happen that often.

The completed documentation is then sent to the insurance company. Their underwriting team will then assess the information you have provided.

Most documentation can be completed online

The majority of the application forms and health questionnaires can be completed online. You upload your passport and sign the paperwork online as well, making the process simpler. Once you submit the completed forms they come through to us to check. We will then process them with the insurance company.

Sometimes your answers to the health questionnaire may result in the insurance company wanting more information. Perhaps this is a copy of a medical report, a discharge letter or the completion of a supplementary questionnaire.

Allow enough time for underwriting the policy

Please do not leave the health insurance for a Spanish Golden visa until the last minute in case there are underwriting issues. These can delay things and on occasions applications are rejected and the process will need to be started again elsewhere.

Once you have accepted the conditions offered by the insurer you need to make payment and then the insurer will issue the paperwork you need to present to the Spanish authorities.

Throughout the process, we monitor your health insurance application and of course, you are free to contact us for an update at your convenience.

Pre-existing conditions

Pre-existing conditions will be excluded from all Spanish health policies. Exclusions do not usually appear on the documentation requested by Spanish consulates/Embassies. Remember these are profit-making businesses and so some insurance underwriters deem certain conditions uninsurable. In that case, the insurance company declines to insure that person. We will do our best to try and place the business somewhere else where possible.

Grace Period

The Spanish authorities in your area may insist your Spanish Golden Visa health insurance must not have a grace period. We work with some specialist golden visa health insurance providers. These companies issue a health policy for a golden visa without a grace period. However, in many locations throughout Spain, the authorities do not appear concerned which means a lot more health companies are open to you.

A grace period is a period of time when not all of the benefits of the health policy are available to those covered by the policy. This period is only when you initially take out a policy.

If you are unsure or your visa adviser does not clarify, then opt for a policy without a grace period even if it is a little more expensive. Remember, with no grace period you have access to the full policy from day one. Grace periods, if a policy has them range from a minimum of 6 months for hospitalisation, for example, up to 10 months with some companies.

Premium instalments

Some insurance companies allow you to spread the cost of the annual premium, either half-yearly, quarterly or even monthly. Whatever the payment structure it is still a 12-month contract and you are obliged to make all those payments that make up the 12-month premium.

However, it is our understanding that the premium should be paid in one annual lump sum upfront. All health insurance contracts in Spain are 12-month automatically renewable policies. Paying the health insurance policy in Spain in instalments will increase the overall annual premium.

Important Note. Some health insurance companies will not issue the certificate you need to present to the authorities unless you pay annually.

Renewal premiums

Renewal premiums will almost always increase. Health insurance in Spain renews automatically. There is a combination of factors that influence the renewal premium. These include: the increased age of each member to the policy, the fees the hospitals and doctors want to receive for their services, the introduction of new treatments, the level of claims the insurance company has suffered, and of course what the competition is offering.

If the insurance company or the customer does not want to renew the policy then they must cancel it in writing. Please see the section below ‘cancellation of the policy‘

Access to doctors and hospitals

You are buying private medical insurance with your health insurance for a Spanish golden visa. This means you can only use the private doctors, clinics and hospitals affiliated under your policy with your insurance company. You are not buying access to State-run hospitals or doctors. Not all private clinics work with all insurance companies. You must check that a doctor/clinic is affiliated with your insurance company.

This is easy to do through the Clients Area of your insurance company or a mobile phone app if the company has one. You can search for a medical speciality and location. The website or phone app displays a list with a map. It includes the address and contact phone number of the clinic or hospital.

When you use the services of an affiliated doctor, clinic or hospital they will bill the insurance company directly. You do not have to make a contribution or pay and claim the money back from your insurer. If you use a state doctor or clinic not associated with the insurance company then you will be responsible for the cost of the service and/or treatment.


Health insurance companies do not cover the costs of prescriptions. Whilst you might be able to buy a small add-on to a policy from one certain company it is very limited so for all intents and purposes you have to pay for prescriptions.

If you need a repeat prescription you can request one from an associated doctor of the Spanish health insurer you are with and take this to the pharmacy. The cost of that prescription is not included under your Spanish health insurance for a golden visa.

Dental cover

Dentistry in Spain is nearly always private. Most health insurance companies cover the cost of one free clean a year and perhaps simple tooth extractions. There is an excess to pay if the health policy includes further dental services. A list of the excess payments is usually available in the terms and conditions of the policy.

If you want more comprehensive dental cover then you could consider a separate dental policy in Spain.


Repatriation cover is available and automatically included in certain Spanish golden visa health insurance company’s policies. As an integral part of a product, it adds almost no cost. Most health insurance companies do not include it. If you want to take it, then it can be provided via a separate policy.

Many times the Spanish authorities do not insist on repatriation cover for a golden visa. It is our understanding that it should be included but we have issued many health insurance policies for a golden visa in Spain without it and to date have not had a problem.

Our recommendation would always be if you have any doubts then include it or take a separate policy if the health insurance policy does not have it built in.

The use of repatriation cover in a policy for a golden visa would be is to repatriate the deceased to their country of origin should they pass away and the family instruct the insurance company to act on this.

Cancellation of the policy

All Spanish health insurance for non-lucrative visa policies are a 12-month contract. If you do not want to renew the policy then you must cancel it correctly. This is usually done by sending a letter in writing to the insurance company along with a copy of your passport. The letter and your identification must be received by the insurance company at least one month prior to the renewal date. You can cancel some health insurance policies in Spain via your broker whilst others insist you write directly to their offices.

Switching provider

If you decide that you want to change your health insurance provider then we can help you look for an alternative company. This process should start at least two months before the existing policy is due to expire. This would allow sufficient time to find a suitable replacement product and provide the necessary time to cancel the old policy correctly.

A new provider normally waives any grace period to attract your business from your existing provider. You need to show that the current health policy is paid up to date and still active.

One important thing to note is that any treatment that has occurred during the life of the previous policy will be a pre-existing condition under any new policy.