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Activa DKV mobile app

Why you need to install DKV mobile app on your phone

The new Activa DKV mobile app has been launched to give you more control over your DKV health insurance policy. If you have health insurance with DKV Seguros then download the app. The DKV mobile app will enable you to:

  • Manage your medical appointments
  • Give access to the list of approved doctors, clinics, and hospitals
  • The ability to use a chat service
  • Have access to a digital version of your DKV health insurance medical card
  • Update your contact details

Access to Activa DKV mobile app is available for all adult beneficiaries under the same policy. The app is available in Spanish, English German and Catalan.

Where can I download the DKV mobile app?

The app is available on Google Play and Apple’s App Store, just search for “Activa DKV” on your mobile device.

Client support:

If you have any difficulties registering for the mobile app or using its features then you can contact the support service.

Please note you can write your messages or emails in English to either of the links below.

Please visit our page “Health insurance in Spain” to find out more information about the health insurance products available to you.