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Car check in Spain

The DGT (Direccion General de Trafico) in Spain offer a service where you can obtain a report on any car registered in Spain. This might be useful if you are purchasing a secondhand car and you want to check everything is in order. Alternatively, perhaps you want to double-check that the car you sold shows the new owner.

Why would you want to obtain a Car check in Spain ? Maybe you want to check the ownership of a car you are going to purchase. Perhaps you want to make sure there is no finance on the car. Does the car have a valid ITV certificate?


What is in the vehicle information report provided by the DGT?

The Spanish Road Traffic Authority known as the DGT (Direccion General de Trafico) produces the document. It contains a lot of information which could include:

  • Whether the car has a valid ITV certificate (MOT in the UK)
  • If the car is currently insured
  • Who is the legal owner is
  • If the car is a lease car
  • A financial embargo on the car
  • Does the road traffic authority in Spain have the car listed as off the road?
  • What is the legal use for the car? For example, private use, rental without a driver, taxi etc…
  • The number of kilometres has the vehicle done

Why would I want a Car Check in Spain report?

If you are buying the car you will want to know it is possible to legally transfer it into your name and whether there are any issues that need resolving. Is the road tax all paid for and up to date? Has the vehicle been listed as off the road with the Traffic authorities? Is there any outstanding finance on the car?

This report will enable you to deal with any issues to successfully transfer the car into your name. It will avoid wasting your time trying to buy a car that is unable to be transferred. Or where something needs resolving first before the transfer happens. Perhaps it will help you avoid losing some of your money.

If you have sold your car this report would show you who the current owner is. This would enable you to verify that you are no longer the registered owner and therefore free from any obligations related to road traffic fines or road taxes.

How do I order a report?

The Car report in Spain is available from the DGT directly. You can visit the website and order the report. The report costs 8.67 euros (2023). You will need to have a Spanish digital signature to order one. You can also order one with a Cl@ve Pin. It is also possible to order the report using the mobile phone app provided by the DGT. Search on Android or iOS for miDGT.

If you don’t have miDGT, or a digital signature then we can order the report for you. We charge a fee of 20.00 euros. What does the price include?:

  • We will make the search for you at the DGT
  • Our fee above includes the cost of the DGT levy to obtain the report
  • There is no need for you to download an app or set up a Spanish digital signature
  • We will provide an English translation of the most common entries you will find in the report
  • The report is sent to you by email
  • The report usually arrives with you within 24 hours (Monday to Friday)

Order a car Report in Spain

Please double-check your email address and the car registration before sending your request. We will usually come back to you within 24 hours (working days) and often sooner. We are not responsible for the information contained in the DGT report. Nor are we responsible for any delays when the DGTs online system is not working.