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Legal Advice in Spain

If you have recently arrived in Spain, you will probably have had to set up various service contracts. Did you get legal advice in Spain for each of these contracts? The answer is probably not. Most of us wouldn’t find it very practical. You may have signed contracts for mobile phones, water supply, electric supply, and insurance services to think of just a few. You may be faced for the first time with Community entities and Administrators of Fincas. There will have been a whirlwind of things to have had to organise when arriving in Spain.  Obviously, living in Spain most contracts are not in your native tongue.

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What do you do if you think someone is not complying with their part of a contract?

If you contract a service and that service and that company does not deliver, then you would contact the provider to advise them of the problem. If necessary, you might make a formal complaint. What do you do if your phone calls, emails, letters or your complaint are ignored? You might decide to contact a lawyer. As we all know a lawyer is not cheap. A letter from a lawyer to a service provider on your behalf might cost you several hundred euros. Additionally, one letter may not serve the purpose. It may be necessary to ask your lawyer to send various communications, all incurring significant expenses.

Alternatively, you may have been living in Spain sometime and come unstuck a couple of times and would appreciate some reasonably priced legal advice going forward.

How to avoid expensive legal costs if you have a legal dispute in Spain?

It is possible to contract a company with various legal experts for a fraction of the cost of one letter from a lawyer. Below we will give you an introduction to a legal Advice in Spain product that can cover you and your family for a very competitive price. The company offering the legal advice does not put a cost limit on the legal advice if you use their lawyers. If you prefer to use your own lawyers, then you can do so, up to the financial limits offered.

Only 85 euros a year to protect you and your family!

Legal Advice in Spain

  • How do I make a claim for being overcharged on my mobile phone bill?
  • What are the steps to appeal a fine for an offence I did not commit?
  • Can my landlord raise my rent?
  • What do I do if my neighbour’s dog is barking for hours and I cannot rest?

An example of how this service could benefit you is for example, if you wanted to rent out a property you own. You can send your draft to the lawyers for revision or ask them to draft a contract for you.

Other elements included in this coverage:  

  • purchase and sale of a house
  • letters of complaint to the residents’ association
  • letters of complaint to banks for example, for undue commissions or abusive clauses.

Access to a number of contract templates related to selling a car, leasing your property etc…

This cover protects your family in circumstances where there is no contract. Perhaps you were knocked down by a vehicle whilst on a zebra crossing. Maybe someone breaks your property. Someone in your family is injured by a third party.  Another example could be that you fell over as a result of some roadworks that were not indicated correctly.

This element of cover protects you in situations perhaps you never expected. For example, a burglar enters your house and in self-defence, you get involved in a fight with that person.

Whilst we all hope to get on well with our neighbours we do sometimes have disagreements. If your neighbour is continually playing loud music in the middle of the night, then the lawyers under this service will explain the step-by-step process you can take to put this problem to an end as quickly as possible.

Personal property such as electrical domestic appliances, PCs, and household furnishings.

Supply contracts such as gas, water and electricity, accredited tradesmen including plumbers, electricians, carpenters and painters

Insurance contracts where the insured is the beneficiary in relation to their person, the main or second home or a vehicle.

You can contact the insurance company’s legal advice if, for example, you receive a notification of a tax penalty. They can look at the situation and clear up any points you do not understand. If appropriate they can also help lodge an appeal.