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Adeslas mobile application

One of the most popular Spanish health insurance products we sell for a Spanish non-lucrative visa is with Adeslas. Having got the policy approved and paid the annual premium how do you use the policy?

One of the easiest ways to use and manage your Adeslas Health Insurance policy is by using the Adeslas mobile application. It is available from Google Play and the App Store.

Your Digital Health Centre in your phone

Once you have downloaded the mobile app and registered you will have access to the following features. The language on the Adeslas mobile application will default to the language in the settings on your mobile phone.

How do I register for the Adeslas mobile application?

If you have not previously registered then you can do so directly on the Adelsas mobile application. Click on Access and then select the option to register.

To register you will need your medical card number or policy number and the identification number you used when you took out the policy. In the case of an Adeslas health insurance for a Spanish visa then it is likely to be your passport number.

You will have a short form to complete after which an email will be sent to you which you need to action to activate your account.

If you have difficulties registering then send an email to [email protected]

If you have already registered on the Adeslas website you can access using the the same username and password. There is no need to register again. You can use your ID document and the password you set up or if your phone has it you can activate biometric access through the Adeslas mobile application.