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Find cheap petrol in Spain

Where can I find cheap petrol in Spain?

Whilst petrol prices have stabilised somewhat in recent months the cost of fuel is still a significant household expense.

With people making more journeys during Spring and especially in Summer how can you keep the cost of your fuel expenses under control? Well, you can shop around for a low-cost provider. Large brands such as Cepsa, Respol, BP and Shell tend to have the most expensive fuel prices.

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Find cheap petrol in Spain

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Does low cost mean inferior quality fuel?

All fuel in Spain comes from one of eight refineries. These refineries process petrol and diesel the same way. The fuel is then distributed by CLH (Compañia Logística de Hidrocarburos) to the various petrol companies.

So is there a difference? Well, large brands will often introduce additives to their fuel. These additives may improve performance or engine life. This will be one reason the fuel sold by large brands is more expensive.

Low-cost or large-brand filling stations are all under the same regulations regarding the accuracy of their fuel pumps and safety regulations.

Another difference between low-cost providers and some large brands is the facilities available at the petrol station. Large brands often have a shop and even a cafe. Low-cost brands tend to concentrate on fuel and they are nearly always self-service.

Where can I find a low-cost provider?

You may be aware of which petrol stations in your area sell cheaper petrol but what if you are travelling on holiday or on business in a different area?

The Spanish authorities provide a web page where you can see the prices of petrol. They also provide a mobile phone application but with the punctuation of just 1.7, I suggest you download an alternative to your mobile phone.

find cheap petrol in Spain

Can I find cheap petrol in Spain on my phone?

There are many mobile phone apps to help you. Some of those mobile phone apps include: Precio de Gasolina al instante/Fuel Flash, Gasall, GasofApp