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DGT environmental sticker


dgt environmental sticker

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What is the DGT Environmental sticker?

The Environmental badge is a system designed to classify vehicles based on emissions and efficiency.

There are four categories:

0 emissions badge

This category includes electric vehicles and some hybrids. It is the least polluting group of vehicles.

Eco badge

In this category, you will come across mainly gas and many hybrid vehicles. A plug-in hybrid, HEVs LNG and CNG vehicle types.

C Badge

This green badge is for vehicles that will include passenger vehicles, and vans registered after January 2006 and are fuelled on petrol. Also in this group are those vehicles running on diesel registered after September 2015. These vehicles will meet the latest Euro emissions standards.

B Badge

In this category are vehicles that do not meet the latest Euro emissions standards.

Do I need an environmental sticker?

Some towns and cities have restricted access to their centres for vehicles. The reason is to reduce pollution. Madrid and Barcelona are two examples. The number of towns and cities in Spain with restricted vehicle access will be increased during 2023. You may find that without the correct emissions sticker, you will be prohibited from entering certain zones. Or if you do enter you may receive a fine.

How do I know which DGT environmental sticker to get?

There is a really easy-to-use online tool you can use. Just type in your registration number and the screen will display the appropriate sticker you need to purchase.

What environmental badge does my vehicle need?

Where do I get the environmental sticker?

You obtain the DGT environmental sticker from the post office (Correos). It costs five euros. You can buy the sticker online at the official post office website to buy the disc online. When we looked they charge 20 euros.

Another alternative is to use an approved supplier of the DGT environmental stickers. One example we have used but there are others is . We choose the “tracking” option and the disc arrived in 2 days.

You can also buy the sticker at garages which are members of the Spanish Confederation of Repair Workshops. (Red de talleres de la Confederación Española de talleres (CETRAA)) and Administrative Gestorias.

How much does a DGT environmental sticker cost?

The standard cost is 5 euros. They can be obtained from the post office (Correos). The Correos is also offering them online but at a cost of 20 euros. We have used Pegatines DGT. They offer them at 6.50 euros although we paid 3.95 euros more to have the disc arrive by registered post. You can also obtain them from Administrative Gestorias and a network of garage workshops including those workshops that are members of CETRAA.