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Spanish health insurance for a non-lucrative visa

We have helped clients for over 35 years to find the right health insurance for their needs in Spain. After the UK left Europe we have become a significant source for people seeking Spanish health insurance for a non-lucrative visa.

Please note: the information below is provided as a guide only. Particular Spanish consulates and Embassies will interpret what is necessary from a health policy in different ways. It is important we are aware of where you will be applying to make sure we offer the correct product.

This page explains the health insurance for a non-lucrative visa. Please visit our page on the Non-Lucrative Visa if you want more information on what other documentation you have to provide.

Non-Lucrative visa Spain Health Insurance


Spanish health insurance non-lucrative visa

With so many products on the market make sure you buy one that will be accepted by your Spanish Consulate or Embassy. Use a specialist broker to make sure you do not make an expensive mistake.

How do I apply for Spanish health insurance for a non-lucrative visa?

Once we speak with you and find out certain information we are in a position to prepare some quotations. We provide those quotations to you, whilst highlighting some important information about health insurance policies in Spain. You will no doubt have some questions for us and our team is ready to provide the answers. As the application for Spanish health insurance for a non-lucrative visa has to pass through the insurance company’s underwriting process we advise you to tell us of any medical conditions past or present that might affect an insurer’s willingness to provide a policy. This means we approach companies that we know are more likely to assist you.

You also need to take into account the time factor. Rarely is it possible to issue a health insurance policy immediately. Even if it can, you need to send the premium payment, perhaps from abroad. Additionally, the insurer wants to check if it has received the premium before providing the certificate you need to present to the consulate or Embassy.

Most documentation can be completed online

We have all the appropriate application and health questionnaire forms that you need to apply for the companies we work with. The majority of these are completed online and you upload your passport making the process simpler. Once you send off the completed forms they come through to us to check. We will then process them with the insurance company.

If you have health issues then the insurance company may ask for further documentation or a supplementary questionnaire. A few may want to speak with you on the telephone to clarify some points. This too could add some time to the process.

Allow enough time for underwriting the policy

All we ask is, do not leave applying for health insurance until the last minute. We are careful about which providers we work with, balancing cost, efficiency, and the level of cover but there is a process to go through.

If the insurance company agrees to offer you a policy we will confirm the details with you. You then have the final say on whether you wish to go ahead or not. If you decide to proceed we will advise you on how to pay the insurance company. We ask you to send us proof the payment is on the way. We use this to make sure the insurance company allocates your premium to your policy quickly. Once allocated the insurance company issues the documents you need to present as part of your visa application.

Throughout the process, we monitor your health insurance application and of course, you are free to contact us for an update at your convenience.

How much does Spanish health insurance for a non-lucrative visa cost?

There are a number of factors that will affect the cost of your insurance. Whilst some Spanish insurance companies maintain the same premiums throughout the country others have different premiums in different areas of Spain. The level of coverage offered by the product will be a factor as well as your age. Not all health insurance policies that qualify for a non-lucrative visa application have the same depth of cover.

Visit our quotation page to find out how much the cost is for Spanish health insurance for a non-lucrative visa. It does not cost you anything to obtain the quotation and we only need minimal information. Even if you do not intend to apply for some time yet you can obtain a no-obligation indication to give you an idea of what the premium is likely to be..

Pre-existing conditions

Health insurance companies in Spain do not cover pre-existing conditions. Pre-existing conditions will be excluded from a Spanish health policy. Exclusions do not usually appear on the documentation requested by Spanish consulates/Embassies. Some insurance underwriters deem certain conditions uninsurable. In that case, the insurance company declines to insure that person. We will study the case to see if that person or the whole family can be insured with another insurance company.

Grace Period

Some Spanish consulates/Embassies insist that your Spanish health insurance for a non-lucrative visa cannot have a grace period. We work with some specialist NLV health insurance providers. These companies issue a health policy for a non-lucrative visa without a grace period.

The appearance of a grace period does not concern all Consulates/Embassies. This may mean you have more insurance providers to choose from.

A grace period is a period of time when not all of the benefits of the health policy are available to those covered by the policy. This period is only when you initially take out a policy.

Premium instalments

All health insurance contracts in Spain are 12-month automatically renewable policies. However, some insurance companies allow you to spread the annual premium by paying in instalments. You can split the payments into half-yearly, quarterly, or monthly. Paying the health insurance policy in Spain in instalments will increase the overall annual premium. If you choose to pay by instalment you still have to pay the whole 12-month premium.

Important Note. If you intend to use Spanish health insurance for a non-lucrative visa then it is our understanding you must pay the premium annually. Some health insurance companies will not issue the certificate you need to present to the authorities unless you pay annually. If you are in doubt about what your Spanish consulate/Embassy accepts choose to pay the premium in one annual amount.

Renewal premiums

Renewal of health insurance in Spain is automatic. The premiums will almost always increase. There is a combination of factors that influence the renewal premium. These include: the increased age of each member to the policy, the fees the hospitals and doctors want to receive for their services, the introduction of new treatments, the level of claims the insurance company has suffered, and of course what the competition is offering.

If the insurance company or the customer does not want to renew the policy then they must cancel it in writing. Please see the section below ‘cancellation of the policy

Access to doctors and hospitals

Each health insurance company in Spain has a list of associated doctors, clinics, specialists, and hospitals. Subject to the terms and conditions your policy covers you if you use the medical professionals associated with that insurance company. This means that cover is not available under your policy in State-run hospitals, for example. If you visit a state facility and receive treatment then you have to pay for that service or treatment. If you visit a private doctor or clinic that is not on the approved list of your particular health insurer in Spain then again you have to meet that cost out of your own pocket.

There is no facility to reclaim medical expenses from these health insurance policies. If you use their associated professionals those professionals will invoice the health insurer directly. The cost is covered by your premium.

Each health insurance company publishes a list online or in their mobile phone application, where their associated doctors, clinics, specialists, and hospitals are. We will check to make sure there are associated doctors etcetera, in your area, before quoting you a health insurance company in Spain.


Private health insurers in Spain do not cover the costs of prescription medicines. If you need a repeat prescription you can request one from an associated doctor of the Spanish health insurer you are with and take this to the pharmacy. The cost of that prescription is not included under your Spanish health insurance for a non-lucrative visa.

Dental cover

Dentistry in Spain is nearly always private. Most health insurance companies cover the cost of one free clean a year and perhaps simple tooth extractions. If further dental cover is included then there is an excess to pay for the treatment. A list of the excess payments is usually available in the terms and conditions of the policy.

If you want more comprehensive dental cover then you could consider a separate dental policy in Spain.


Some Spanish consulates/Embassies insist on your health insurance policy including repatriation cover to your original country in the event that you pass away. We have Spanish health insurance for a non-lucrative visa that includes this cover automatically. With other health insurance companies that don’t automatically include it, we can issue a separate repatriation policy, if need be.

Cancellation of the policy

All Spanish health insurance for non-lucrative visa policies are a 12-month contract. If you do not want to renew the policy then you must cancel it correctly. This is usually done by sending a letter in writing to the insurance company along with a copy of your passport. The letter and your identification must be received by the insurance company at least one month prior to the renewal date. You can cancel some health insurance policies in Spain via your broker whilst others insist you write directly to their offices.

Switching provider

If you decide that you want to change your health insurance provider then we can help you look for an alternative company. This process should start at least two months before the existing policy is due to expire. This would allow sufficient time to find a suitable replacement product and provide the necessary time to cancel the old policy correctly.

A new provider normally waives any grace period to attract your business from your existing provider. You need to show that the current health policy is paid up to date and still active.

One important thing to note is that any treatment that has occurred during the life of the previous policy will be a pre-existing condition under any new policy.

I want to arrange a telephone appointment to talk with one of your team.

Of course. You can always try and call us on +34 624 371 408 or if it is more comfortable for you why not book a telephone appointment and we will call you at a pre-arranged time.? Schedule a time for us to call you.