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Why you should consider private health insurance

Spanish Ministry of Health report shows improvements needed

Whilst a lot of people would say that the Spanish health service is better than some other European countries there appears to be room for improvement.

The Spanish Health Ministry (Ministerio de Sanidad) releases its regular findings on the state of the health service in Spain. The last report was issued in the middle of December 2023.

The Ministry states that 57% of the population is overall satisfied with the way the health service in Spain functions. That would mean that nearly half are not satisfied. Interestingly more than 27% said that the system needs fundamental change.

Looking at Primary Care only 21% of patients were seen by the primary care doctor the same or the following day. The average wait for the rest of the patients was almost 9.5 days to see their doctor.

Whilst the results for specialised care and hospitalisation were more positive the Spanish health system, like many similar systems, currently has shortcomings. Until those are addressed you might want to consider private health insurance.

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Source: Ministerio de Sanidad