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What to do if someone burgles your home in Spain

If someone burgles your home in Spain, it is important to follow certain steps to protect yourself and to assist in the investigation of the crime. Here are some steps you can follow:

Keep calm

It is understandable that you feel upset, but try to stay calm to make rational decisions.

Do not enter the house

If you come home and suspect that there has been a robbery, do not enter. You could interfere with evidence or put your security at risk if the intruder is still inside.

Call the police

In Spain, call 112, the emergency number, to report the theft. Provide all relevant information, such as the location, description of the events, and any details about the suspects if you have seen them.

Don’t touch anything

Avoid touching or manipulating any object in the house, as it could destroy evidence that could be useful for the investigation.

Make an inventory of what was stolen

Make a detailed list of missing items. Include descriptions, brands, serial numbers if you have them, and value the objects. This will be useful for the police and for the insurance claim process.

Take pictures

If possible, take photographs of the damage and the crime scene. These images can be useful to police and insurance companies.

Contact the insurance company

Notify your home insurance company about the theft as soon as possible. Provide the list of stolen items and any additional information they request.

Cooperate with the police

Cooperate fully with the police during their investigation. Provide any additional information you can remember and follow their instructions.

Review the security measures for your property

Consider strengthening the security in your home to prevent future thefts. This may include installing alarm systems, security cameras, or lock upgrades.

Remember that personal safety is the most important thing. If you ever find yourself in a dangerous situation, call the police immediately and do not try to confront the intruder yourself.


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