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Pre-existing conditions Health Insurance Spain

A health state or condition that began before the inclusion of the insured person in a health policy is known as a pre-existing condition.


Pre-existing conditions Health Insurance Spain

What is a pre-existing condition? This article answers your questions. Click the link below to obtain a no-obligation quotation for your Spanish health insurance.

What is a pre-existing condition?

Spanish private health insurance companies exclude pre-existing conditions from any new health policy they write. Depending on each insurance company’s own criteria a pre-existing condition could be:

  • Pre-existent illness
  • Pre-existent medical state
  • Pre-existent injury
  • If you are currently pregnant
  • Congenital defects
  • Physical defects and consequences suffered as a result of an accident or illness prior to inclusion in the policy

Can a preexisting condition stop me from obtaining Spanish health insurance?

A Spanish health insurance company uses the information in your medical questionnaire to decide whether it can provide a health insurance policy. If the company decides it can it may want to include some exclusions. You then decide if you want to accept a policy with those conditions.

In some cases, the Spanish health insurance company declines to provide cover to one or more of the applicants. While some companies may exclude a pre-existing condition others may decline to offer any health coverage at all.

If an applicant for Spanish health insurance is declined then it could be because of one serious pre-existing condition. Sometimes it is a result of an accumulation of several less severe pre-existing conditions.

The underwriting criteria are not the same for all Spanish private health insurance companies. You can apply to another company if your application is declined.

Of course, there are occasions when it is not possible to get a Spanish health insurance policy accepted.

Is it possible to pay a supplement to cover a pre-existing condition?

When a private health insurance company in Spain assesses your medical questionnaire they will decide if they need to exclude anything from your particular policy. Most companies we work with do not amend the premium. You can take the policy if you accept the exclusion for the original premium.

We do have a few that will offer you the health policy with the exclusion but will also load the premium. You need to look at what offers you have to consider and make the best decision for you.

Sometimes a condition is only excluded for a temporary period. For example, the Spanish health insurance company may say that “XYZ” condition is excluded from coverage for the first 12 months.

We do not have any companies on our books that allow you to pay an increased premium to include a pre-existing condition.

What happens if a private health insurance company in Spain declines my application?

Clearly, insurance companies do not accept every application for Spanish private health insurance. They ask you to complete a health questionnaire for a reason. These companies usually have investors and shareholders looking for a return on their investment. They need to balance their risk with the reward they hope to obtain, just like any other business.

If a Spanish health insurance company declines your application your broker will advise you. If an insurance company declines your application because of a pre-existing health condition then there is nothing stopping you from trying another company.

Whilst brokers are not the underwriters they often have an idea of what one company accepts or another. Some companies are looking to expand and perhaps are less risk-averse. Others may offer a less comprehensive cover but be more open-minded to accepting clients with more difficult-to-place pre-existing conditions.

Unfortunately, there will be occasions when it is not possible to place business with one of your providers.

How would a pre-existing condition affect my non-lucrative visa application?

Please visit our specific page for Spanish health insurance for a non-lucrative visa and a golden visa.