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Salus health insurance authorisation request

If you visit a doctor or a specialist recognised by Salus Seguros and they refer you for additional tests, checks, or treatments then this may need authorisation.

Salus health insurance authorisation

The above image is just the top of the page. Below you need to complete an online form to request the authorisation.

The first question asked is your name and surname (nombre y apellido) followed by email address and telephone number.

The next entry is to identify the province where you are. No Tarjeta Sanitaria Salus is where you type in your Salus Medical Card number.

The following line is where you identify the medical act that needs authorisation.

if the request is for something like physiotherapy, psychology or speech therapy then enter the number of sessions in the next box below. If this is irrelevant in your case leave it blank.

“Fecha prescription” is where you enter the date the doctor issued the request for the treatment and “fecha de realización” is the date the test, treatment etc.. is to be carried out.

“Nombre del centro o Clínica” is where you are going to have the test/treatment or similar carried out. You must enter the name of the clinic which of course has to be an approved centre from the Salus list.

“Medico Prescriptor” must also be completed and is the name of the medical professional who requested the test/treatment.

Finally, where it says “subir archivo” you need to upload a copy of the doctor’s report “informe medico” and the “volante” the small slip of paper that is the request for treatment form.

Check the box confirming you have read and accepted the legal and political privacy of the website and click the blue button marked “solicitar”.