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What date do I start my health insurance for a non-lucrative visa?

It is important to start your Spanish health insurance for a non-lucrative visa at the right moment. There are two aspects to think about to make sure you get the date right.

So what date do I start my health insurance for a non-lucrative visa?

The first and most important aspect is that you want the Spanish Consulate to accept the Spanish health insurance you buy as part of your non-lucrative visa application.

Secondly, you want to be able to make as much use of the policy as possible. If you pay for a health policy but have to wait months for the Spanish non-lucrative visa to arrive then you have wasted possibly several months of premium.

Looking at what the Spanish Consulate expects first. Some Consulates are quite comfortable for you to have paid for the policy and for it to be active when you attend the meeting to submit your Spanish non-lucrative visa application. However, others want you to present proof that the policy has been agreed upon and the premium paid but they want to see that it starts on your anticipated arrival date in Spain.

The second scenario above is usually more attractive to you. Let’s say you have your Spanish Consulate meeting for your non-lucrative visa application booked for the middle of the month of February. By the time they process your paperwork and you finalise the loose ends of leaving your existing country you might not actually be looking to arrive in Spain until the beginning of April.

Spanish health insurance for a non-lucrative visa


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Information on what the policy must include, the application process, and how to obtain a quotation.

So paying for a policy that starts in February, in the scenario we have created above, would mean when you arrive in April you only have ten months of your health policy left. Whereas if you attended your meeting in February, with a policy bought and paid for but with a start date of April, you might only lose a few days of cover.

Clearly, the main objective is to satisfy the particular Spanish Consulate and obtain your non-lucrative visa. If that means you have to forego a couple of months’ premium then that is a cost you have to accept.

Some Spanish consulates are quite relaxed about the start date of the policy and others are not, even within the same country. We recommend you contact your particular consulate to ascertain what their particular requirements are in respect of the Spanish health insurance start date. If you are using a professional adviser to help obtain your Spanish non-lucrative visa then you can also ask them.