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Health Insurance Spain exclusions

Applications for Health Insurance in Spain have to pass through some form of medical evaluation process before they are accepted. After the assessment, exclusions may or may not be added to your policy.

If you have or had a serious illness, condition or ailment then we recommend you do not leave to find out if you can get health coverage until the last minute. Especially if you need the cover as part of a Spanish non-lucrative visa application or golden visa application.

A team of specialists at the insurance company will look through your declared medical history. They evaluate whether the person or persons are an insurable risk. They may ask for additional information, medical reports or a supplementary questionnaire before making a final decision.

Health Insurance Spain exclusions

Health Insurance Spain

Request a free without obligation quote for Health Insurance in Spain. We offer policies for residents of Spain, those seeking residency, those applying for Non-lucrative and Golden visas.

Insurance companies are looking to balance their risk and reward like any other business. This means that sometimes, due to a serious pathology or a combination of several less serious illnesses or ailments, the underwriters decline to provide insurance cover.

Some examples of illnesses that can cause difficulties are recent cancer, some types of diabetes, and multiple sclerosis.

If an insurance company declines your application then it does not mean that another company will not insure you. Of course, some illnesses or states are more difficult to insure than others. On some occasions, we are unable to find a provider.