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Health insurance for pregnant women in Spain

I am already pregnant can I get health insurance cover for pregnancy?

Most (but not all) companies will exclude pregnancy from your health insurance policy if you are pregnant at the time of applying for the policy. This is a pre-existing medical condition and therefore excluded.

There is a well-known Spanish health insurance company that will cover pregnancy and childbirth even if you are pregnant when applying. This is subject to their underwriters reviewing your current pregnancy-related medical reports in addition to the standard health questionnaire. As you would imagine, there is an additional premium to pay. The premium depends on where you live in Spain. The maximum gestational time limit to have a pregnancy included in health insurance in Spain is 24 weeks.

Can I use this health insurance in Spain if I am requesting a visa and already pregnant?

Yes, this pregnancy cover is available for the visa versions of this health insurance policy in Spain as well. You will need to be careful about when you have your appointment if you are applying for a visa outside of Spain as the health questionnaire has a limited lifespan. The policy with the pregnancy cover added would be accepted for EU residency in Spain. It can also be used for Non-lucrative visa applications, Golden Visas and other Spanish visas.

What type of cover can I expect with this product?

Pregnancy medical line

This service provides the pregnant insured with telephone medical advice from doctors or specialists in Obstetrics, providing information and answering questions about symptoms, diagnostic tests, health problems or medications typical of the pregnancy stage. gestation.

Digital midwife

The digital midwife allows, through chat, to solve all the doubts that arise for mothers during pregnancy and in the one hundred days after delivery, such as questions about breastfeeding, baby care or recovery, among others. In addition, the service offers support to women in order to avoid or identify postpartum depression early.

Obstetrics: includes pregnancy monitoring and delivery assistance.

Includes ‘triple screening’ EBA Screening (the first trimester combined test) and amniocentesis or chorion biopsy to obtain the chromosomal karyotype, for the diagnosis of foetal anomalies. The genetic test of prenatal screening in maternal blood for trisomy 21 (Down), 18 (Edwards) and 13 (Patau) is only covered for high-risk pregnancies, multiple gestations and a history of repeated miscarriages (two or more) of unknown cause, and when the first trimester combined test is positive (with risk of abnormality in the foetus of more than 1/250). It also covers the non-invasive test of foetal lung maturity during the last trimester of the pregnancy, in replacement of amniocentesis, to detect and prevent neonatal respiratory distress, when there is a high risk of premature birth or an elective caesarean section is considered due to pregnancy complications, before week 37 of gestation.

Obstetric hospitalisation.

Includes the treatment provided by the obstetrician gynaecologist and/or midwife in hospital admission during the pregnancy and/or childbirth; and includes a cot and/or incubator for the newborn during hospital admission up to a maximum of 28 days.

How do I apply for health insurance in Spain if I am already pregnant?

Please contact us by phone, email ([email protected]) or by completing the health insurance quotation form. Make sure you advise us that someone on the policy is already pregnant. Remember, we cannot include pregnancy if the gestation period is more than 24 weeks.