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Temporary car insurance in Spain

Temporary insurance for EU-Registered cars in Spain

If you want to bring an EU-registered car to Spain and your current insurance provider is reluctant to continue to insure the vehicle then we can assist. We are able to provide third-party temporary car insurance in Spain whilst you go through the process of swapping the car from a foreign registration plate to a Spanish one. Before the policy goes live you need to provide a letter from your Gestor. The letter is to confirm that your Gestor is organising the change of registration to a Spanish registration plate.

The maximum length of this cover is three months. If during that time the vehicle is not put on Spanish registration plates then the insurance is only extendable in exceptional circumstances.

Insurance for Non-EU Registered cars in Spain

If you are looking to drive a non-EU car in Spain then we can provide you with temporary insurance. Policies are available from two weeks to six months. This temporary car insurance is third-party and valid throughout all of Spain. It is not important if you intend to re-register the car in Spain or not. It is not possible to extend the policy beyond six months.

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